A Global Commitment to Quality

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​​Global Expansion

As Isagenix expands into more countries all over the world, John Anderson and the International Regulatory Team will be there to pave the way and ensure that all products uphold the highest quality and safety standards while providing real results. Bringing Isagenix no-compromise products to other markets takes skill and global partnerships.

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​​International Formulations

The International Regulatory Team works directly with John Anderson to reformulate products to ensure that they comply with regulations across international markets. Their goal is to maintain the overall integrity of the original formulation as well as its purpose for use while staying compliant to each country’s rules and regulations. At Isagenix, the integrity of a product is never compromised in order to meet international regulations.

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​Overcoming Obstacles

To bring no-compromise products to markets around the world, there are several obstacles to overcome. For example, each country has their own unique regulations as outlined by agencies—such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and Health Canada—that specify limitations on certain ingredients, sources of ingredients, processing methods, and delivery systems. There are also rules regarding labeling of products and claims that can be made.